Umbrella Resources

Community insurance cover
The Umbrella has purchased a Public Liability insurance policy which, for a minimal subscription, can be extended to cover events held by other community groups within the village, for example the Village Archive Exhibition. If your group would like to take advantage of this please contact Steve Richardson.

Printing, copying and scanning service
After wearing out 2 of our personal printers, the Umbrella decided to invest in its own printer - this is currently resident in Steve and Debby's office. We bought an Epson Workforce which is designed for heavy use, and so can easily manage printing the Carleton Courier for example. In order to initially recover our costs and eventually to add a little money to the Umbrella's kitty, we are offering a black and white printing (colour to follow when we've established costs), copying and scanning service within the village.
The printer is Google Cloud Print enabled, so in theory you can print to it from your own computer at home, or even from your phone! Before doing this, please get in touch to book the job, and to ensure the printer is switched on and ready to receive the print job. Alternatively you can email the document to us and we'll send it to the printer.
Contact Debby by email at Here is the link to use print to the Umbrella printer.
Community groups price list:
A4 black & white standard text - 4p per side
A4 black & white heavy text or images - 6p per side

Individuals price list:
A4 black & white text - 5p per side
A4 black & white heavy text or images - 6p per side

  • Various light and sound equipment
  • Projector and screen
  • A3 and A4 laminator
  • Paper guillotine